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Tree Des Moines, Inc. (TDM) was formed by a group of concerned citizens to address the need for increasing and maintaining the urban forest canopy in greater Des Moines, Iowa. The formation of TDM follows ten years of proactive leadership by its organizers. They have inspired hundreds of Des Moines citizens to advocate for a better tree ordinance to protect the city’s urban landscape.

In previous years this active group of individuals has sponsored Arbor Day Celebrations, visited school classrooms to teach the importance and value of trees in the environment, and additionally fought to save hundred year old oaks and other species of trees from demise by public and private construction. We provided a voice for trees when the city instituted a tree protection zone on development sites, and we provided a voice for trees again to encourage the city to design and enact a tree protection and mitigation ordinance.

It is recognized that the Des Moines Metro area, like many other cities across America need partnerships of non-profit investments to assist in maintaining the urban tree canopy. The declining green infrastructure of the Capital City includes an estimated 100,000 trees along city streets and within the developed park areas. In addition, there may be an additional 100,000+ trees on undeveloped public lands. These trees require a greater level of care than current city budgets can afford.

Tree Des Moines will engage private citizens, foundations, corporations, and all levels of government to seek funding and logistical support for the procurement of a tree inventory. This endeavor initially will encompass activities solely or primarily within the boundaries of the City of Des Moines, Iowa, which is located primarily within Polk County but with some border property within Warren County to the southeast. TDM will hold public meetings and sponsor training and education sessions in an effort to raise awareness of public forestry issues. It will further engage the public through the publication of timely press releases and targeted print and internet bulletins.

TDM will regularly meet with the Municipal Arborist to gauge the level of logistical and financial support required to enact a shared agenda of increasing and protecting the urban forest canopy. Typical services provided will be educational events and publications geared to individuals and groups, trees planted in rights-of-way as a contribution to the public land, seed monies for neighborhood planting of public and private trees, and volunteer maintenance training. The results of the educational and fundraising activities of TDM will be heightened public awareness of urban forestry issues as well as increased funding levels for inventorying, planting and maintaining trees in Des Moines.

An example of a tree planting project was the 2012 pilot ‘bare root’ planting effort by one of the neighborhood in Des Moines. Collaborators in the funding of the project, through cash and in-kind services, were Tree Des Moines, American Forests/Global Releaf, City of Des Moines, A Girl Scout Troop, Wells Fargo Green Team Iowa, and the Neighborhood Association. One hundred and twenty-nine trees were planted by volunteers. This collaboration was a huge success, and facilitating such events will be an important focus for TDM.

Fundraising activities will focus on gaining financial support from business, corporations, other non-profits, foundations, and state and federal government. TDM will also endeavor to host occasional local fundraising events and conduct an annual fundraising drive in order to fund tree education, planting and maintenance projects.

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