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2016 Arbor Day Celebration

Tree Des Moines - along with Des Moines Public Library, City of Des Moines Public Works, and the Downtown School - celebrated Arbor Day 2016 with enthusiasm.  City of Des Moines staff dug the hole for the tree.  Then Shane McQuillan taught the students about how to plant and mulch a tree.  The celebration included Mayor Cownie's reading of an Arbor Day proclamation.  The conclusion included the kids singing their original tree lyrics to 'If you're happy and you know it' and hugging the new tree.

Tree Des Moines' 'Get Roasted', Mayor Frank Cownie, Guest of Honor

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the more than 200 people who helped raise money to benefit Des Moines' greenscape at the Roast of Mayor Cownie.  The Roastmaster was Graham Gillette.  Four roasters entertained the crowd by sharing entertaining anecdotes and observations about the Mayor:  Judy Bradshaw, Bill Stowe, Mark Feldman, and Bob Riley.  John Evans of West Palm Beach, Florida, was the cocktail pianist.

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